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CPCS Training

Free Assessments

Depending on your experience, it may be necessary for you to have some training before booking the CPCS Test.

Please feel free to browse through our course details below.

Pre Course Assessments

We offer the opportunity for candidates to come along to the centre for a pre course assessment regardless of experience.

The candidate can have a go on the machine and show us what they can do, this can take up to an hour. This gives us the chance to see how much training they will need or if they can go straight to the test. 


We prefer to see what you can do before you book anything as you may need more or less training than you think.

To find out more please call 07833903374 or email


Please note, the pre course assessment is free to candidates taking training or testing with us only. Candidates who come for a pre course assessment and take training or testing elsewhere will be charged a fee.


Please refer to our terms and conditions regarding pre course assessments.


Novice Training

Training for the CPCS tests, depending on the skill level of the candidate and the category of plant, can run from 1 to 10 days.

The course covers;

  • Basic controls and components.

  • Carry out all pre-use and running checks.

  • Prepare the machine for site travel and or road travel.

  • Working over differing types of terrain, including rough undulating ground, including use on substantial inclines.

  • Position and set the machine for work.

  • Change attachments (where applicable.)

  • Preparation and practice for the test.

  • Lifting categories.

Experienced Operators

Experienced Operators usually have a few habits that may not be helpful in the test.

Training or preparation can range from a couple of hours to 1 or 2 days.

Evening sessions of a couple of hours are available for theory training.

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Course Details & Categories

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Please browse through the list below of the CPCS categories we currently offer.

Click on the categories to download course details for the categories you are interested in. 

A58 360 Excavator - Below 10 Tonnes (With Lifting Ops)

A59 360 Excavator - Above 10 Tonnes (With Lifting Ops)

We also offer the theory & practical test for Lifting Ops, for blue card holders to add lifting ops to their existing A58 & A59 categories.


A58C Lifting Ops Only - 360 Excavator Below 10 Tonnes

A59C Lifting Ops Only - 360 Excavator Above 10 Tonnes

If you 

CPCS Practical Tests

To download Activity Instructions for the CPCS Practical test, please click the links to the NOCN website below. You will find a detailed list of all the activities you will need to carry out to pass the practical test.


Standard Practical Test A02 - A40 

Standard Practical Test A41 - A78 inc. D90, D91 and D92

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