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What is Lantra?


Lantra is a nationally recognised qualification, that provides a photographic ID card and certificate on completion of a course.

Who is Lantra for?

A Lantra qualification is suitable for all abilities, from novices to experienced operatives aged 16+.

Courses are available in house on your own site, or at our centre near Liskeard.

How do I get a Lantra qualification?

For a novice:

You will need to complete some training followed by the Lantra assessment. How much training will depend on your ability. You can find more info on the recommended course durations by clicking on the courses below.

For experienced workers:

If you have experience with the machine you require, you will most likely need a 1 day refresher assessment. But again, this will depend on your experience.

Lantra Course Catergories

Please feel free to browse through the Lantra courses we currently offer. Click on the categories below to download course details for the categories you are interested in.

Dump Truck

Forward Tipping Dumper

Industrial Telescopic Handler

180 Excavator - Below 5 Tonnes

180 Excavator - Above 5 Tonnes

Ride on Roller

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