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What is NPORS?

NPORS stands for the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme. It was established in 1992 and is now one of the UK’s leading Accreditation and Registration Bodies.


Why choose NPORS?

NPORS offers flexibility, with courses available in house on your own site, or at our centre near Liskeard.

An NPORS qualification is suitable for all abilities, from novices to experienced operatives aged 16+.

Once you have successfully completed the test, you will receive an NPORS Certificate and/or a photographic NPORS Operator Card.

How do I get an NPORS qualification?

For a novice:

You will need to complete some training followed by the NPORS theory and practical tests.

The amount of training will depend on your ability.

For experienced workers:

Experienced operators may need a small amount of training followed by the theory and practical tests, or if no training is required, they can go straight to the tests.

If an operative is booked in for an experienced worker test, no training will be given on the day of the test. If they are not experienced enough to pass the test we will have no option but to fail them or cancel the test.

Even experienced workers who have been driving for years can pick up bad habits, these are usually ironed out with a couple hours training. 

We don't want you to waste your time or money so we advise that the free pre course assessment is taken before bookings.

Pre Course Assessments

We strongly advise all operatives come along to the training centre for a free pre course assessment before booking anything.

Operatives have the opportunity to have a go on the machine which gives us a better idea how many days training are needed to pass the test, or if any are needed at all.

The free assessment usually takes up to 1 hour max. 

Please note, the pre course assessment is free to candidates taking training or testing with us only. Candidates who come for a pre course assessment and take training or testing elsewhere will be charged a fee.

NPORS Course Catergories

Here are the NPORS course categories that we currently offer.


Please click on the categories below for more information on each course.

360 Excavator (N202)

Excavator Micro - Up to 1 tonne (N016)


Forward Tipping Dumper (N204)

Forward Tipping Mini Dumper (N139)

Plant Machinery Marshal (N133)

Plant Mover (N132)

Quick Hitch Awareness (N726)

Ride on Roller (N214)

Telescopic Handler (N010)

Vehicle Marshal (N403)

1 Day Site Safety Awareness (S001)

Construction Site Safety Supervisor (S029)

Construction Site Safety Manager (S031)


Traditional NPORS Card or CSCS NPORS Card?

NPORS offers two types of card - the Traditional NPORS card or the CSCS NPORS card. You should check which card you will need depending on site requirements. 

Traditional NPORS Card

The NPORS Traditional card is valid for either 3 or 5 years. You will do exactly the same course as the NPORS CSCS card, the only difference is the traditional card doesn't bear the CSCS logo. 


The NPORS CSCS card displays the CSCS logo and tells you the operative has passed the Health, Safety & Environment test.


Operatives that don't hold a relevant NVQ

On passing the NPORS CSCS test operatives that do not hold a relevant NVQ will receive a red trained operator card which is valid for 2 years. In this time operatives will need to complete the NVQ for each category in order to gain the blue competent operator card.


Operatives that do hold a relevant NVQ

Operatives that hold an NVQ for each category will receive a blue competent operator card after passing the NPORS CSCS test. The blue competent operator card is valid for 5 years.

Where Can I Do The Training/Test?

Training and testing can either be taken at our training centre in St Ive, near Liskeard, or it can be taken at your site as long as it is in line with NPORS testing requirements. To find out what these requirements are, please get in touch with us.

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